Jackie Louh Promoted To COO Of Lamacchia Realty

Louh has held several positions since joining the brokerage, launching her career as a listing agent before shifting into management roles including vice president of business development.

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Jackie Lough has been promoted as chief operating officer of Lamacchia Realty, placing her second to broker-owner Anthony Lamacchia.

Jackie Louh. Image: Lamacchia Realty

Louh has held several positions with the company since joining in 2010, starting out as a listing agent who tallied 600 home sales before shifting into management roles including vice president of business development. The company’s agent headcount more than doubled since she took over that role in 2018, according to the announcement issued earlier this week.

The plans to appoint Louh to the role have been in place since October of 2021, during which time the New England- and South Florida-anchored brokerage has been making preparations for the change.

Anthony Lamacchia headshot 1

Anthony Lamacchia. Image: Lamacchia Realty

“Over the last few years, I have thought hard about who to appoint to this position, and my mind kept going back to her,” Lamacchia said in a statement. “Her ability to handle many projects and problems simultaneously, withstand tremendous amounts of pressure, along with having a magnetic and likable personality, all while still being able to put her foot down when necessary, make her stand out as these traits are all crucial to this position.”

Lamacchia said he hoped Louh’s promotion would help speed up the company’s execution of new initiatives.

“Over the last few years, with me wearing both hats of the visionary and integrator, our execution has slowed, which has been frustrating for me. I am more than confident that our implementation of new initiatives will dramatically improve over the next few months as she is now officially and publicly in this role,” he said.

Louh said she looked forward to overseeing the day-to-day management of the company.

“I am absolutely honored to be appointed to this position. When Anthony talked to me about it last Fall, I immediately accepted. Anthony’s trust in me is quite humbling, and I have already really enjoyed working directly with him daily over the last few months,” she said. “I am beyond excited and motivated to take this company to the next level.”

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