Doosan launches ‘smart’ excavator

The Doosan DX225LC-7X

The DX225LC-7X comes with full electric hydraulic (FEH) technology as standard, semi-automatic 2D machine control and integrated 2D machine guidance.

The FEH technology is similar to the D-EcoPower VBO (virtual bleed off) system on the standard DX225LC-7 model and all Doosan crawler excavators from the DX350LC-7 and above. In effect, it is a VBO system without pilot pressure lines. The joysticks and pedals are fully electric, but give the operator the same feeling as hydraulic joysticks, Doosan says.

In the FEH system, an electric signal is sent to the central controller and is therefore more precise and provides faster information. Back pressure and energy loss are eliminated, by delivering only the exact amount of oil needed. As the system does not use pilot pressure, energy is saved and there is a resultant fuel saving of as much as 8%, Doosan says. This is on top of the 7% decrease in fuel consumption already achieved in the standard DX225LC-7, compared to the previous DX225LC-5 model.

The integrated machine guidance system on the DX225LC-7X uses sensors mounted on the front and body to recognise the location of each working device and inform/guide it for the operator. Feedback to the operator is provided through audio and visual displays which allow improved control of the machine in relation to intended direction of travel.

In the on-board machine control system, the sensors mounted on the front and body recognise the location of each working device and adjust the front operation to the work as planned. In this way, when the operator uses the arm, bucket or boom, they follow the target line.

The laser receiver means that the system will always receive the reference point, even when the machine changes position, without the operator having to reset the reference point every time the machine is moved.

Doosan says that the DX225LC-7X is delivered to the customer with the sensors already calibrated. Only the buckets to be used by the customer need to be calibrated, although no specific tools are needed for this. The system will ask the operator to enter the required measurements to finalise the calibration process with around an hour needed to calibrate three buckets.

There are three main machine control functions, activated by pushing the appropriate function button:

  • Assist – providing grade assist and bucket assist
  • Swing Control – for swing assist and swing Limit
  • Virtual Wall – set ceiling/bottom/wall/swing/cab avoidance/track avoidance/dozer avoidance.

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Doosan is now working on further features to be offered on the machine in the future, including:

  • upgrade to full Trimble GPS 3D (optional)
  • Engcon ready from factory (plug and play)
  • tilting bucket for 2D machine guidance

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