Delta Media’s New Product Makes A Pitch To The Maturing CMA Sector

Delta Pitch was developed as part of Delta Media’s pending fall 2022 launch of DeltaNET 7, an update of its customer relationship management and business marketing solution.

Another competitor has tossed a gauntlet into the melee for comparative market analysis supremacy.

Delta Media’s launch of Delta Pitch signals another major proptech player’s recognition that agents need every advantage they can muster when competing for listings in a market unfit for producing them.

The “one-click” CMA tool, to launch on May 30, was developed as part of the company’s pending fall 2022 launch of DeltaNET 7, an update of its customer relationship management and business marketing solution.

Michael Minard | Photo credit: Delta Media

In an announcement on the CMA tool’s introduction, CEO and owner of Delta Media, Michael Minard, said his company focused on speed and integration.

“Building a custom CMA has never been easier,” Minard said. “And because Delta Pitch fully integrates with our DeltaNET all-in-one platform, it will be easy to access for DeltaNET customers.”

Like others in this quickly growing category, Delta Pitch will blend its CMA with the listing presentation.

Historically, offering pricing strategy, market data and a breakdown of similar homes stood apart from winning the client, and often came after the business was secured. It has also been largely a manual effort, often characterized by a stack of stapled MLS print-outs or a cumbersome spreadsheet of recent sales and parallel market activity.

Rapid advancements in data aggregation, marketing technology, and the simple concept of competition from tech-forward brokerage brands, has transformed the CMA from a traditional sales support tool to a data-driven branding effort and in many cases, an overt display of its user’s technological prowess.

Inside Real Estate’s CORE Present, the result of its DashCMA acquisition, Lone Wolf’s Cloud CMA, acquired from W&R Studios, Agent Image’s Access, and most recently, Homegenius from publicly traded Radian, represent a few examples of how the CMA is actively evolving.

Delta Pitch will bring to the front the capability to produce “flipbooks,” digital page-turning presentations with the ability to easily add custom templates and new comps without having to start a new CMA. It can also launch video conference calls — such as from Zoom — from within the deck.

Because Delta Media provides websites and online marketing for customers, Delta Pitch will be integrated with its AVM, or automated valuation model, a tactic for capturing leads using the home value appeals.

After an address is entered and an estimate is produced, “the system automatically creates a digital CMA, comparable to a flipbook, that agents can then send to the consumer,” Delta Media said.

Delta Pitch will allow for white labeling, too, meaning brokerages can make it look like their own using corporate branding assets, logos and embedded agent profiles.

Delta Media has been in business for more than 25 years and states that it currently works with 75 LeadingRE affiliates and more than 50 top-ranked brokerages nationwide.

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