Can this landlord insist on a mutual two-month discover interval in a set time period break clause?

Here’s a query to the weblog clinic from Katherine (not her actual identify), who’s a landlord.

My potential tenant is pushing again on a 2 month’s discover interval for a fixed-term contract. They’ve advised it’s illegal (it isn’t).

I’m a non-public landlord, and my earlier tenants have been pleased with this mutual discover interval. Nonetheless, these guys are fairly aggrieved.

For my part, it’s equitable for each events to learn from 2 months’ discover throughout a set time period. Any compelling causes to assist my tenants see I’m not being unreasonable and that that is widespread?


I feel the tenant is getting confused between the discover interval in a fixed-term contract and spot durations in a periodic tenancy.

So far as the fastened time period contract is worried, that is what is called a ‘break clause’ and is a clause permitting the owner and the tenants to finish the fastened time period early.

You don’t HAVE to have a break clause – many landlords don’t, however should you do, they need to be the identical for each events or extra beneficial to the tenant.

So your proposed break clause discover interval sounds high quality to me.

Nonetheless, when the tenancy is a periodic tenancy, the tenants’ place ‘at widespread legislation’ is that they’ll finish the periodic tenancy on giving discover of 1 ‘interval’ – which for many tenancies can be a month as most tenancies have a month-to-month lease.

Nonetheless, if landlords need tenants to depart, they’ll usually serve a discover below part 21, the place the discover interval will usually be two months.

Some landlords suppose that is unfair and attempt to put clauses within the tenancy settlement saying that the tenants should give two months’ discover. THAT clause can be invalid below the unfair phrases guidelines.

Nonetheless, your proposal for a break clause throughout a set time period is ok.

Possibly should you clarify this to the tenants, they’ll perceive.  You may additionally say to them that in the event that they don’t settle for this discover interval, the tenancy may have no break clause in any respect!

In case you are a landlord – what discover interval do you will have in YOUR tenancy settlement?

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