Aurecon and Vinci aim to create ‘healthy dams’

They have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the combined service, which includes supply, installation and maintenance of dam instrumentation, automation of data collection as well as verification and quality assurance.

The venture is designed to brings together Aurecon’s engineering and advisory capabilities in the water sector with Sixense’s instrumentation and data management services for dams and the surrounding environment.

Aurecon’s technical director for dams Bill Hakin said the partnership would create ‘healthy dams’ by ensuring the assets are continually monitored and their value is understood so that issues can be immediately addressed. “The team will be building reports, dashboards and plans for dam owners and operators with the ability to set up alerts to inform emergency response plans, together with achieving optimal safety performance,” he said.

Eric Audigé (left) Bill Hakin aim to create ‘healthy dams’
Eric Audigé (left) Bill Hakin aim to create ‘healthy dams’

“Importantly, we will also be creating solutions to improve the safety of dam monitoring and investigation work by allowing engineers to use remote technologies, including drones and satellite remote sensing – interferometry synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) – photogrammetry and laser scanning to assess issues without having to be on site.”

Sixense’s managing director for Oceania, Eric Audigé, said the team will be using data to make better decisions on dam safety and operations. “From data acquisition to data processing, storage, insights, reporting and visualisation, there is so much value that can be added from using dam data to inform ongoing engineering works and asset management and optimisation,” he said.

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