8 Best Smart Rings in 2022

What makes a smart ring actually smart? At times, it is the technology within the ring. At other times, a clever design makes it so.  Some rings have built-in tech to make your life easier. Others have an attention-grabbing design.

In this post, I’ll share the top smart rings you can buy this year. They offer a mix of features, styles, and practicality. If you’ve been considering buying a smart ring, this list should help narrow the field. 

I’ve sifted through dozens of rings on Amazon to offer this list of the best smart rings. Each ring was chosen based on features, creativity, and style. Take a look and you should find something you like or even a perfect gift for someone you know.

Top Smart Rings

1. COLMO Tesla Model 3 Smart Ring

COLMO Tesla Model 3 Smart Ring

  • ◆COLMO Model 3 accessory smart ring is made of Zirconia ceramics. We extracted the original Tesla Model…
  • ◆COLMO Model 3 key card replacement is easy and convenient to use and fast access to your Tesla Model…

With one touch you can open your Tesla Model 3. With another touch, you can lock it. It’s a perfect accessory for when you don’t want to carry your key card. The ring can also stand in when your paired smartphone battery dies or isn’t connecting. 

Just make a fist and put your ring under the RFID reader to grant access.  Use it to start your car.  This unisex ring is simply, but beautifully designed. It compliments dressy or casual threads and gets the job done.


  • Original Tesla Model 3 key card chip
  • Engraved Tesla logo (with option to remove)
  • Made from Zirconia ceramics
  • Waterproof
  • Battery-free


  • Easy pairing with vehicle
  • Rounded edges for comfortable wear
  • No charging needed
  • Saves space
  • Custom laser engraving available
  • Easy return and refund policy guarantee


  • Occasional connectivity hiccups depending on placement
  • No half-sizes
  • Walk away lock will not engage if Tesla-paired phone is off

2. CNICK Model 3 & Model Y Tesla Smart Ring

CNICK Tesla Model 3 & Model Y

  • CUSTOM DESIGN: Find more design and size options at TESLARING COM. If you have any issue with the ring…
  • HANDMADE&ECO-FRIENDLY: Manufactured from the highest quality exotic wood. Every ring is handmade to the…

This smart ring can unlock, lock and start a Model 3 or Model Y Tesla. If you prefer a matte-style ring to a shiny one, consider this option. The ring is designed by artisans from high quality, exotic wood.

It’s a durable ring that combines natural beauty and technology.

No need to tap the ring on your Tesla. Just place your knuckle near the RFID readers and you are ready to roll.


  • Handmade from exotic wood
  • Available in ebony or gray
  • Integrated circular antenna
  • Security level same as Tesla Model 3 and Model Y key card
  • Waterproof
  • Battery-free


  • Difficult to break
  • One ring can pair with multiple cars
  • Half sizes available
  • Never needs charging


  • Requires correct hand positioning to work

3. Rubyyouhe8 Android Smart Ring

If you’re looking for a budget-conscious ring to manage tasks on your Android smartphone, take a look at this offering from Rubyyouhe8. This NFC ring allows you to share data with a simple touch.

Quickly launch phone apps and keep your day organized with hands-free help. 


  • Made from hypoallergenic metal alloy
  • Comes in black or transparent design
  • Supports Android NFC devices
  • One-touch phone unlocking
  • Water resistant
  • Battery-free


  • Never needs charging
  • Inexpensive
  • No battery required
  • Water resistant
  • One touch to unlock


  • Connectivity issues
  • Requires technical knowledge to program
  • Some features only work with rooted phones
  • Limited instructions
  • Not true to size 

4. HMY Door Access Smart Ring

HMY Door Access Smart Ring

  • REPLACE ACCESS CARD: Replace organization’s access card with a fashionable smart ring. Access your…
  • The jewelry made of titanium steel has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, high hardness, and the…

Tired of carrying around key cards to open doors? This smart ring offers a sleek, space-saving solution. It can be programmed to work at home or at the office—any place that has a smart access card setup.

Much like a keyless door lock, the technology inside allows you to unlock a compatible door. Just get within five centimeters of the access point, wave your hand, and you’re in.


  • Made from titanium
  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof
  • Unisex design
  • Battery-free


  • Can handle being dropped
  • Is resistant to corrosion
  • No charging required


  • Scratches easily
  • Limited instructions
  • Requires programming knowledge

5. SMARTJEWELS Door & App Access Smart Ring

SMARTJEWELS Door & App Access Smart Ring

  • REPLACE ACCESS CARD (High-frequency): Replace organization’s access card with a fashionable smart ring….
  • STORE&SHARE INFORMATION: compatible with Android and ios. Add Business Card, Emergency info, social media…

This smart ring can be programmed for home or professional use. It can replace the inconvenience of carrying around a key card. Unlock your phone, manage apps, open doors and share data with a simple touch.


  • Handmade from exotic wood
  • Comes in Ebony or Koa
  • Unisex design
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Compatible with HID readers and SIO
  • Works with NFC Tools app on Google Play and Apple App Store
  • Waterproof
  • Battery-free
  • Operates at 13.56mhz


  • Doesn’t need charging
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Affordable
  • Designed for comfort

6. Glory&Great R4 Smart Ring

Glory&Great R4 Smart Ring

  • R4 smart ring can simulate and copy IC cards and ID cards, such as access control cards for doors,…
  • This ring is bigger than normal ring ,the width of the ring is 10mm,thicker than normal ring it’s…

This smart ring combines technology and health. The R4 smart ring can simulate and copy IC cards and ID cards. It currently support HID 1326 and HID 1386.

Note that the ring is a bit thicker than most since it has a big job to do. It does not however require battery charging. Additionally it is IP68 dustproof and waterproof.


  • 10mm
  • HID 1326 and HID 1386
  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof
  • Battery-free
  • Operates at 13.56 mhz, 125khz


  • Scratch-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Improved receiving distance over previous models
  • Impact-resistant


  • Limited sizes available
  • Thicker than most

7. Wellue O2 Health Monitor Smart Ring

Wellue O2 Wearable Health Monitor Ring

  • Wearable Real-Time Monitor: Soft ring sensor makes it comfortable and never goes off from your finger for…
  • Health Care: Continuously monitoring and recording O2 level, heart rate and motion, continuous using up…

Know your health data inside and out. Designed to be worn comfortably while you sleep or anytime, this smart ring monitors and records your health and sleeping stats. 

Wear it at night to monitor your O2 level, heart rate, and movements. The smart ring vibrates when your oxygen level drops, prompting you to adjust for better sleep. You can also wear it during the day if desired.


  • Compatible with ViHealth app, PC and Mac software
  • Integrates with Apple Health
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Report generation for PC or Mac


  • Adapts to most finger sizes
  • Up to 16 hours of battery life
  • Share unlimited reports
  • Save unlimited data
  • View comprehensive sleep data
  • Built-in memory when you can’t sync with phone
  • Won’t slip off easily


  • Built in memory only stores four data sessions
  • Glow from ring can be annoying at night
  • Requires daily charging 

8. BodiMetrics CIRCUL Fitness Smart Ring

BodiMetrics CIRCUL Fitness Smart Ring

  • CONTINUOUS SPO2 & HR TRACKING: The CIRCUL continuously tracks and records your blood oxygen & HR levels;…
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZING FOR A PERFECT FIT: This sleep and fitness ring comes in two sizes which are adjustable…

Monitor sleep and oxygen levels. Track fitness for up to 18 hours. This smart ring allows you to generate and share data with those you trust. Know how many steps you’ve taken.

Monitor your blood pressure and resting heart rate. View data about your quality of sleep, over time, all in one place.


  • Report generation
  • Customized alert settings
  • Tracks awake, light, deep, and REM sleep stages
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Works with CIRCUL app
  • Daytime and sleep modes
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth-enabled


  • Easy to download and share data
  • Notable customer service
  • Full charge in only 2 hours
  • Able to generate reports


  • Expensive
  • Must look at app for data, not displayed on ring
  • No alert function on ring, only through the app
  • Requires daily charging


Hopefully one of these rings will make your life easier, safer, or more enjoyable. Smart rings make technology more compact and accessible.

Smart design of tech-free rings can benefit the way you work and play. There are so many great options available. No doubt more smart ring innovations are on the way.

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